Product NameDescription
Ancamine 1784modified aliphatic amine with longer pot life, low viscosity and good color stability
Ancamine 2636modified aliphatic amine with high reactivity for concrete repair mortars, tank linings, and adhesives
Ancamine 1618modified cycloaliphatic amine with good color and color stability, high gloss, non-blushing films and good chemical resistance
Ancamine 2635low viscosity modified cycloaliphatic amine with low color, high gloss and good resistance to amine blush
Ancamine 220standard reactive polyamide with good color and light stability for solvent-based maintenance coatings
Ancamine 1608modified aliphatic amine compatible with multifunctional epoxy resins for improved chemical and hot water resistance
Ancamine K-54efficient activator for epoxy resins cured with a wide variety of hardener types
Ancamide 221reactive polyamide with good corrosion resistance, goog color, and color stability
Ancamide 261Areactive polyamide with good corrosion resistance and excellent adhesion to variety of substrates
Ancamide 2686modified cycloaliphatic with high strenght and high modulus
Anquamine 731waterbased curing agent specifically designed for cost effective high film build concrete coatings
Anquamine 721waterborne curing agent that offers low color, good pot life, good dry speed and good hardeness development
Ancamine 2883modified cycloaliphatic amine that provides high mechanical build and good blush resistance
Ancamine 2726non-IPDA based modified cycloaliphatic amine with good color and color stability and good UV resistance
Ancamine 2717modified polyamide with low VOCs with high temperature resistnce and low viscosity
Ancamine 2280low-viscosity cycloaliphatic amine with excellent chemical resistance, water-spot resistance, and resistance to amine blush
Ancamine 2774modified cycloaliphatic amine with good color and color stability and good chemical resistance
Sunmide I-544modified cycloaliphatic amine with high mechanical build, good blush resistace as year-round curing agent
Sunmide 75ILaliphatic amido amine with low viscosity, long pot-life, and non-critical mixing ratio
Sunmide 353Nfast dry and good performances at low temperature and good adhesion to damp surface
Sunmide TX-983fast cure epoxy hardener that can be applied under cold or winter conditions
Sunmide 340L1aliphatic polyamide amine curing agent with relatively low viscosity and fast cure.
Sunmide 75IMamido amine range giving long pot life and good through cure with very little exotherm.
Sunmide I-965modified cycloaliphatic amine that allows to cure at high humidity and low temperature